Message from Deputy Director General

The Confederation of Banks and Financial Institutions Nepal (CBFIN) proudly represents commercial banks, development banks and finance companies. Nepal’s BFIs continue to support their customers, entrepreneurs, the government and communities, and support the national economic recovery.

CBFIN, as an umbrella organization of the banks and financial institutions in the country, shields commercial banks, development banks, and finance companies for sustaining the financial sector. CBFIN’s emergence has been realized by the financial sector fraternity and policy makers for a long-term beneficial impact on the national economy. Innovation in BFIs services holds huge potentials in increasing competitiveness, promote financial inclusion and expanding access to banking services that ultimately drives the economy. In this regard, CBFIN focused its approach in the financial sector’s health and sustainability to serve the customers.

It is an open secret that Nepal’s financial sector is moving in a roller coaster ride coupled with an unstable political situation, liquidity crisis, inconsistent policies and challenging times due to covid-19 emergence. In such a challenging context, CBFIN has been constantly holding dialogues with the Nepal Rastra Bank, Ministry of Finance, banks, and financial institutions along with other related government and private sector organizations in a bid to protect and promote the overall financial sector to minimize the possible impact on the financial sector.

Since the 1990s, the financial sector of Nepal emerged as one of the strongest sectors of the economy followed by liberalized economic policies. It has later on supported the economy greatly in creating jobs, expand businesses, paying taxes to the government, boost investment and explore economic activities in a greater extend. The financial sector as of now turned out to be a strongest sector for the borrowers, investors, general public including the government when it comes to mobilization of finance/deposits/ loans and other resources for better livelihoods.

CBFIN is exclusively being engaged in research and development activities on financial sector, investment and other critical economic sectors of Nepal. Moreover, it greatly supports the financial sector in policypolicy-related through the coordination with policymakers, Hon’ble ministers, governors and other relevant bodies with appropriate recommendations for policy reforms. It works with national and international organizations in an attempt for strengthening the knowledge economy, increase economic activities, promote investment, create new jobs and protect investment mobilized through banks and financial institutions.

We hope that the engagement of all banks and financial institutions of Nepal in CBFIN’s initiatives will deliver impressive ‘results and returns’ in the financial sector, enterprises and the economy as a whole.

We hope this will encourage you all to join us in achieving common benefits by bettering the financial sector with an innovative approach and upgrading in progression in the existing competitive market environment at home and abroad.